My 3rd IS Lesson

I have learnt a lot more things in IS today, which mainly is about ‘html’. html stands for: hypertext markup language. It is the ‘language’ needed to build websites.  For some reason, html has to have a ‘<>’ in it. For example, ‘<html>’, ‘<title>’ etc. Each of these things perform a different function. In some html tags, you need to open and close it. Like ‘<title> & </title>’. If you do not close it, the tag may not work. These are the basics that are needed. There are some others that are used to break paragraphs and others that gives headings. Generally, the grouping looks like this.



<title>   </title>





We must now accomplish the HTML Challenge, whereby we need to use our skills to create a simple webpage using html only. It was quite troublesome at times, especially the part about inserting an image. But me and my partner, Nathanael, managed to accomplish it in the end.

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