My Second IS Lesson

During my second IS lesson, I did not learn much. All I did was to sign up in  webnewmedia. But after the IS lesson, I learnt more.

I have watched two videos in the webnewmedia forum. One of which is a discussion of whether to use a blog or website if one wants to ‘speak’. I have listened carefully to the video and finally know the pros and cons to both a website and a blog.  For example, a blog can be posted right away but a website cannot. One has to know how to programme. the website and hve the software for programming. But it is very easy to customize your website but not as easy for a blog.

The other video I have watched is one about copyright. Although it is a rather funny video,  one can learn much from it. I think we should stop infringing copyright laws and respect other people’s works.

About Wang Shiyao

I'm a kid! Kidding!

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