My 4th IS lesson

I have had my 4th IS lesson and I mainly learnt about CSS. We have continued our learning journey towards web building using html. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is a programme to help design the webpage. It can change the web page background, colour the heading, and make the webpage really attractive. It alson makes changing very convinient. For example, if you want to change the heading for all the webpages into blue colour, you need not change the webpages heading one by one. With the help of CSS, we can easily change all by changing only one. Still, you need to type in codes like what you do for html.

There are three ways in using CSS. They are the External Style Sheet, Internal Style Sheet and the Incline Styles. Our focus is the External style sheet and it is used by putting the CSS file in the same folder as the html file and linking them.

I also learnt that there is a specific code for a specific kind of colour. To change a colour, you have to know the code and type it in the html.

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