How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon is a movie must-watch for animation or dragon lovers. It tells the story about a wimpy viking called Hiccup and how he befriended dragons, enemies and pests of the entire tribe. That’s enough. No more spoilers.

The movie was nominated as the best animated feature and best original score by the 83rd Academy Awards. I would guarantee you a great time with your family or your friends.


Pink Potatoes

That’s what Shao Xuan said. He’s sitting beside me now.

I’m sitting before a computer now trying to think of something to post for this assignment. I’m bad with thinking of things to right about out of thin air. So in the meantime, check out this pink potato:

My 4th IS lesson

I have had my 4th IS lesson and I mainly learnt about CSS. We have continued our learning journey towards web building using html. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is a programme to help design the webpage. It can change the web page background, colour the heading, and make the webpage really attractive. It alson makes changing very convinient. For example, if you want to change the heading for all the webpages into blue colour, you need not change the webpages heading one by one. With the help of CSS, we can easily change all by changing only one. Still, you need to type in codes like what you do for html.

There are three ways in using CSS. They are the External Style Sheet, Internal Style Sheet and the Incline Styles. Our focus is the External style sheet and it is used by putting the CSS file in the same folder as the html file and linking them.

I also learnt that there is a specific code for a specific kind of colour. To change a colour, you have to know the code and type it in the html.

My 3rd IS Lesson

I have learnt a lot more things in IS today, which mainly is about ‘html’. html stands for: hypertext markup language. It is the ‘language’ needed to build websites.  For some reason, html has to have a ‘<>’ in it. For example, ‘<html>’, ‘<title>’ etc. Each of these things perform a different function. In some html tags, you need to open and close it. Like ‘<title> & </title>’. If you do not close it, the tag may not work. These are the basics that are needed. There are some others that are used to break paragraphs and others that gives headings. Generally, the grouping looks like this.



<title>   </title>





We must now accomplish the HTML Challenge, whereby we need to use our skills to create a simple webpage using html only. It was quite troublesome at times, especially the part about inserting an image. But me and my partner, Nathanael, managed to accomplish it in the end.

My Second IS Lesson

During my second IS lesson, I did not learn much. All I did was to sign up in  webnewmedia. But after the IS lesson, I learnt more.

I have watched two videos in the webnewmedia forum. One of which is a discussion of whether to use a blog or website if one wants to ‘speak’. I have listened carefully to the video and finally know the pros and cons to both a website and a blog.  For example, a blog can be posted right away but a website cannot. One has to know how to programme. the website and hve the software for programming. But it is very easy to customize your website but not as easy for a blog.

The other video I have watched is one about copyright. Although it is a rather funny video,  one can learn much from it. I think we should stop infringing copyright laws and respect other people’s works.

First IS Lesson

I have learnt some new facts on my first IS lesson. The examples are like the IP address, the URL and the difference between web 1.0 to web 2.0.  Web 1.0 only allows one to view the webpage but the web 2.0 allows them to share their knowledge and edit it too. I will surely learn many interesting things about presnt technology during IS lesson and I am  looking forward to it.

About myself

Hi, Iam Wang Shiyao. I am studying in Hwa Chong this year and I am using this blog for IS Lessons.

I was in my the Infocomm club in my primary school and I believe that i  have learnt many things about IT since joining that club. I have learnt how to use mission maker, a programme that allows us to create games without programming, koobits, an e-book, and many other IT skills. I have also taken part in competitions, such as the NE-W koo-bits author and won merit for our school.

I love to play PSP games and love to draw as well. I believe that I am not bad at drawing on the computer as well.

Although I think I am not bad at IS, there is still a lot to learn. With the help of Mr. Kent, hope that I will be able to muster the things I  am about to learn in no time.

Hello world!

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